Tired of getting bad reviews.

2015-11-22 21:50:07 by semation97

Yes, yes, we all have to come clean.

I suck at animations.

I'm more of a LP'er and music maker.

In fact, i'm more better at music making than animating.

It's making funny videos that are NOT animated. In fact, i don't think that EVERYBODY is going to blam my stuff. Some person out there MUST like my stuff! I will even upload my "Henry Stickmin Madness" from my YouTube (yes i suck with Bandicam) if i have to! +:( <-- headache face


Let me enjoy my experience while i am here on Newgrounds, just please! I am TIRED of you BLAMMIN' my STUFF!

If you have to ruin my Newgrounds experience, you are also ruining my life too. See what you are doing now? Don't hide it, admit it! You HAVE to ruin my life and NOT, CARE! You think all my stuff is crap and you just want to GO AHEAD and ruin my LIFE so MUCH MORE! >:( <-- my society is so dumb and just a bunch of people who only care about themselves face. (wow what a long title to call that face emocii)


P.S. Just stop ruining my life!

Hooray for Pivot!

2015-11-21 19:21:19 by semation97

Hey gems! lex (Not sem) here with a IMPORTANT news update! I got Pivot! Woohoo! But the bad news is, i am NOT currently on Windows 7. I'm writing this on a Chromebook. Tomorrow, i'll start a new animation.

FUN FACT! : Some parts of the animation WILL be Flash, but just still.

FUN FACT II! : The animation will include original OST made by me and other tracks on Newgrounds.


2015-11-14 21:14:12 by semation97

The internet is not a place to hate. The internet is a place to hang out and make new friends. The internet is not your hate spammer. The internet is not for hating. The internet should be treated like a bloody real place. Hate is just dumb. Whoever hates on this will be blocked. I got a .5 star rating because my first toon sucked. It is now unpublished. The user who posted the review is now blocked. If you think i will animate mostly, you are wrong. Treat the internet better, guys. ~mr.sem